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The West is Ablaze.

Heatwave is a light-hearted co-op zombie game where you and up to 4 friends battle an onslaught of sentient chili peppers to save the wild west.

The year was 1899, and it seemed that the wild west was coming to an end. But when Spicetown Industries discovered the animating power of Capsaicin238, things started to heat back up. An army of sentient chili peppers overran the salsa conglomerate and began to infiltrate the deserts, lagoons, and heartlands of the old west, turning it into a salsa-filled wasteland. It all came down to 1 to 4 online, co-op cowboys to save the world, and maybe, just maybe, the west they once knew.

Because Heatwave is in active development, there are definitely bugs, and features are subject to change. We're still adding maps, pepper species, weapons, and power-ups as we go! 

Why Join the Alpha?

  • Play and stream Heatwave before anyone else
  • Participate in monthly leaderboard prizes
  • Automatic updates through the new itch.io client
  • Get every announcement first
  • Even more secrets and surprises inside!

    Special Launch Week Bonus: Get Serrano (VIP) status in the discord if you join before December 4th!

    How it works

    • Waves of chili peppers will rain down upon you
    • Shoot them, or die
    • If you get down, a friend can revive you
    • If that fails, you're back in (minus your guns) the next wave
    • If everyone gets down, welp partner, you're smoked.


    That's right partner, there's a leaderboard. What's more? The top player on the last day of every month gets to pick a new weapon to add to the game. Check out how you match up at the link below.


    Features So Far

    • 3 Unique chili pepper mutants:
      • Fresno Reds: These babies were the muscle of the Spicetown industrial complex. They are as numerous as they are dumb. Pro tip: spray and pray.
      • Serrano Strikers: Developed as an elite specialist in Spicetown's burgeoning private army, Serrano's are faster than a bronco with its tail on fire. They're also much stronger than their predecessors.
      • Habanero Bombers: Spicetown Industries really made a turn for the worse with this one. Utilizing the highly refined Capsaicin238 naturally occurring in habaneros, Spicetown developed a genetically modified, heat seeking sucide bomber.  These little orange guys can spot you a mile away, and when they get close enough... boom.
        • Pro Tip: Wait till habaneros plant and let down their shield. You'll have about 5 seconds to defuse them with your hail of bullets, but if you can win the race, that sweet Capsaicin238 might just spawn you a power-up.
    • 6 Unique Standard Guns
      • Magnum, Uzi, LMG, Shotgun, Capsaicin238 LMG, Capsaicin238 Shotgun.
    • 6 Unique Power-Ups and Special Weapons
      • Grenade, Bomb, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Capsaicin238 Rocket Launcher, Capsaicin238 Flamethrower
    • 2 Unique Maps
      • Paso Diablo: A vast canyon filled badland with a reputation of chili colonies. What used to be the quiet western town of Rock Ridge can be seen now torn to shreds by an unending horde of the red devils.
      • Wildfire: A high-intensity, bite-sized map. Your gang was just chillin at their camp site, which they conveniently forgot to fortify, when suddenly, all hell breaks loose. You're left with nothing but a magic box which gives you random weapons, and peppers on all sides. How long will you last?

    Upcoming Features

    • In-Level Capsaicin238 Infuser for Weapons (weapon booster)
    • Account-Level Progress and XP 
      • Get better with every game
      • Unlock new guns and power-ups
    • Bosses 
    • Turrets
    • More Guns
    • More Maps
    • More Peppers
    • Expansion of Narrative
    • Off Screen Indicators for Down Players
    • Lobby Chat


    • Aim at those spicy sons of bitches with your mouse
    • Use WASD to move (relative to where you are looking)
    • Click to shoot those god forsaken things dead
    • Pro tip: Hold shift to run
    • E to pick up and buy
    • E (hold) to revive (stand over a downed player)


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    Like the clean aesthetic in the game. Glow in graphics is a must have. Nice work!